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QLab Script - Set levels with MIDIPipe


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This works for a midicontroller with 9 sliders or knobs that are mapped to Midi CC 0 - 9

cc0 controls the master, cc1-8 the individual channel-levels of the currently selected audio or fade cue.

Set up:

Create a Midi-pipe:

Here's the script for the applescript trigger:

# script by Filip Vandueren 
on runme(message)
tell application "QLab"
    set myVal to (item 3 of message)/127
    if (item 1 of message = 176) and (item 2 of message < 9 ) then 
        set mySel to selected of workspace 1
            repeat with myCue in mySel
                if q type of myCue is "Audio" or q type of myCue is "Fade" then
                    myCue setLevel row 0 column (item 2 of message) db ((myVal^(1/3))*132)-120
                end if
            end repeat
        end if
end tell
end runme

Some remarks: