QLab 4 OSC Creator For ETC Consoles


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    Here is an update of Michael Portrie's OSC Creator for EOS consoles.

    Andrew Howard - This is tested and working on QLab 4.2 triggering an Ion a Gio and an Eos.

    The only addition I would like to make is for the cue to colour in my selected network cue colour that i use for LX triggers in my cue list. Once I work that out I shall add it to the script. For now I can do that via internal OSC.

    I would also like to fix the numbering so the cue doesn't show the cue list number as well as cue number unless the cue list number is above one.


    tell application id "com.figure53.QLab.4" to tell front workspace
    display dialog "Cue Number" default answer "0" with title "EOS NETWORK CUE" buttons {"No Thankyou", "Yes Please"} default button "Yes Please" cancel button "No Thankyou"
    set NetworkCue to text returned of result
    make type "network"
    set currentcue to last item of (selected as list)
    set q number of currentcue to "LX " & NetworkCue
    set q name of currentcue to "LX " & NetworkCue
    set patch of currentcue to 3
    set osc message type of currentcue to custom
    set custom message of currentcue to "/eos/cue/" & NetworkCue & "/fire"

    end tell