QLab 3 Quartz Composer



QLab 3 can only use quartz compositions which are image filters due to the fact QLab is in control of the final rendering to displays. Quartz Composition Renderers such as sprites, billboards, and meshes will not work. This is a major difference from previous versions.

To add a Custom Quartz Composition, click on the Video Effects Tab in the Inspector Window and select Custom Composition from the drop down menu.

QLab 3 custom composition screenshot

Note: The quartz composition must have a published input named "_protocolInput_Image" and an output named "_protocolOutput_Image".

Sample Quartz Compositions

Fish Eye Effect


Thermal Camera Effect


Audio Reactive Composition from luckydave via QLab Mailing List


This adjusts the X scale of the video in response to the system audio input

Unsupported cameras


Use this with a video cue to replace the video with any camera that the Video Input patch can connect to. It's similar to, and on the QLab side, much the same as the v2 camera workaround described on the wiki here.