QLab 3 Keyboard Shortcuts


Table of Contents

Key Action
Workspace Commands
Cmd + N New Workspace
Cmd + Shift + N New From Template
Cmd + O Open Workspace
Shift + Cmd + S Save Workspace As…
Cmd + , Show Workspace Settings
Standard OSX Shortcuts
Cmd + Z Undo Last Action
Shift + Cmd + Z Redo Last Action
Cmd + X Cut
Cmd + C Copy
Cmd + V Paste
Cmd + del Delete selected cue(s) - just like files in Finder
Cmd + A Select All
Cmd + H Hide QLab : ∆ Hides live video too !
Default New Cue
Cmd + 1 Creates New Audio Cue
Cmd + 2 Creates New Mic Cue
Cmd + 3 Creates New Video Cue
Cmd + 4 Creates New Camera Cue
Cmd + 5 Creates New Fade Cue
Cmd + 6 Creates New OSC Cue
Cmd + 7 Creates New MIDI Cue
Cmd + 8 Creates New MIDI File Cue
Cmd + 9 Creates New Timecode
Cmd + 0 Creates New Group
Cmd + T Load to Time…
Cmd + R Renumber Selected Cues
Cmd + D Delete numbers of Selected Cues
Cmd + J Jump to cue…
Cmd + F Find...
Cmd + G Find Next
Shift + Cmd + G Find Previous
Shift + Cmd + C Copy Levels or Geometry*
Shift + Cmd + V Paste Levels or Geometry*
* Depends on the type of cue currently selected (audio or video).
Control + Cmd + C Copy Integrated Fade Shape
Control + Cmd + V Paste Integrated Fade Shape
Shift+ Cmd + F Enter Full Screen
Cmd + I Show Inspector
Cmd + K Show Toolbox
Cmd + L Show Cue Lists & Active Cues
Shift + Cmd + L Toggle Between Cue Lists & Active Cues
Cmd + B Show Broken Cues & Warnings
Cmd +⬇ Select Next Cue
Cmd +⬆ Select Previous Cue
Cmd + ➜ Select Next Inspector Tab
Cmd + ⬅ Select Previous Inspector Tab
Cmd + M Minimize QLab in Dock
Shift + Cmd + A Show Audition Window
Default Cue Hotkeys
C Cycle trough Continue modes
D Edit Cue Action Duration
E Edit Pre-Wait
F Flag the Selected Cue
L Load the Selected Cue
N Edit Cue Number
P Pause / Resume Selected Cue
Q Edit Cue Name
S Panic Selected Cues
T Edit Cue Target
V Preview (Play Action Only)
W Edit Cue Post Wait Duration
[ Pause All
] Resume All
Audio Routing and Levels
Option + click Toggle between -INF and Zero dB
Shift + Arrow keys Move by 20 units (speeds up)
Surface editor
Shift + click Slows down mouse move
Cmd -/= Zoom out/in
Space bar GO

Assigning Hotkeys for a Workspace

If you want to re-assign Hotkeys go into Workspace Settings and click on Key Map.

Press X to Clear the existing Hotkey and click into the box to the Left and press the key you wish to assign

Edit New Cue Shortcuts

If you want to assign a different cue type to a shortcut, go to View ➜ Toolbox and simply click and drag cue types to the first ten rows.